Bad Banker

A puzzle game about economics which is simple at first but becomes more strategic the more you play it. With customizable game mechanics and a lot of challenges Bad Banker offers you a lot of fun time.

Game Objects


The standard game object. You use it to invest and to fuse.


Your enemy. A competitor steals your money while he is on the game field.
The higher his market value the more he steals. So you should get rid of them as fast as you can.


You can use lawsuits to increase or decrease the market value of your company or of any competitor.

Non Profit Organization

Non profits are, like regular competitors , your enemies.
They have market values above the average, but they can neither grow nor do they cost you money.

How to play


Move one of your companies to an adjecent empty field to invest.
This will cost you 1 BadBit but a new company will be created on the old field.


If you fuse together two companies with the same market value they'll create a new company with a higher market value.
This resulting market value will be credited to your balance.
Fusions work over multiple fields and even if other companies are in between.


Like already mentioned competitors steal your money while they are on the game field.
In order to remove them you need to make a fusion above the competitor with companies that have a higher market values then the competitor.


Contacts are the customizable part of the game. They fulfil different tasks for a little fee.
The '3-Match Mafia' for example lets you swap 2 adjecent companies for 15 BadBits
You can equip up to 3 different contacts per game.



There is less competition in 'Monopole' mode, but investments cost as much as the company's market value

Tax Haven

In the 'Taxhaven' mode investments are free, but there's more & stronger competition

Tips & Tricks


If you remove 2 competitors with one fusion you get 4 extra BadBits.
If you remove 3 competitors with one fusion you get 8 extra BadBits.


Choose your contacts wisely!
There are some contacts which work very good together, so experiment with different combinations.

Random Money

Sometimes random money appears on the game field, but it decreased with every move.

Hack Lawyer

You can use lawsuits to remove companies completely.
Use a negative lawsuit on a 1-valued company of yours and it will disappear.
Use a negative lawsuit on a 0-valued competitor he will disappear.

Warm up

Competitors don't grow until your score reaches more than 100 BadBits.
Use that warm up time to make a lot of combos with zero valued competitors.


Which contacts were used for Sirnic's highscore?

For fairness reasons only contacts of the default pack were used:

- "3-Match Mafia"
- "Start-Up Investor"
- "Finance Minister"

Also, a Government Rescue Package was NOT used in this game.


• 2 different game modes + 2 upcoming ones
• simple but addicting game mechanics
• customize your game style with custom game operations
• GameCenter & Google Play Games support
• share your score on Twitter and Facebook
• nice tutorial
• additional challenges
• some pop culture references
• bullet point 9
• bullet point 10
• and more!


Presskit v1.0 (9.4 mb)