Simple rules, endless fun!
An addicting puzzle game about atoms, fusions and alchemy.


• 4 different game modes
• simple but addicting game mechanics
• 12 different lucky charms
• compare your scores with friends over GameCenter
• share your score on Twitter and Facebook
• quick tutorial
• much more


What's the best strategy?
There is one thing that raises your highscore from 1000 to 10.000:
Observe the range of atoms you get in the middle, then when you get a minus use it to remove all atoms that are out of this range.

So after a big chain reaction absorb the output atom and convert it into a plus.
Why? Because while it doesn't spawn in the middle you can't pair it and so it takes up place in the circle.

What's the world record?
These are the current top scores for classic (March 2016):
Apples GameCenter : 1.433.516
Google Play Games : ~1.500.000
Sirnic's Highscore : 66.684

What are the spawning criterias?
1. You get a plus at least every 5 moves.
2. You get a minus every 20 moves.
3. Every 40 moves the range of possible atoms increases.
4. If you have atoms below this range in the circle they can still spawn with a chance of 1/(Amount of atoms in circle).
5. Neutrinos spawn with a chance 1/60 when the score is above 1500.
6. Dark pluses spawn with a chance 1/90 when the score is above 750.

Fun facts

• The last seven elements are fictional ones, including the world famous Bananium, named after its discoverer, the banana.
• Playing on the moon gives you +20% more points (not guaranteed)

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